How-to save and share memory data in UI5

When you want to save some variables at the client side, without using an OData Model connected to the backend, you can do it using a model of type JSON in your controller. Like you define objects using JSON, you can have a nested hierarchy. It’s possible to set defaults of any type, and reference […]


SAP Transportation Management Message Handling

Believe or not, there is a fine graded Message Handling concept in SAP TM. Messages sent through BOPF – FBI- FPM Environment may have certain visibility settings. This is a control demand based on user experitse or area. Key users may want different level of message detailization than other users for example. You can setup […]


Value Help for Browsing Server Files

Sometimes file processor reports need give support to the users, to browse files on the ABAP Server. The below snippet gives a solution for this, tested on ECC systems. The user can use a search help to trigger a dialog for browsing server files. Optional parameters are start folder and file mask.