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I am a developer seeking good projects where profession matters :). Check my blog for reference.

Application Development: New generation apps, greenfield and brownfield developments. Application analysis, and replacement with Fiori Launchpad compatible solutions. Software Design: Solving complex problems with clean and maintainable solutions. I design not only the software components, but provide You interactive Mockups under first steps. Experience: Strong technical experience gained in SAP development in last 2 decades. Object oriented approach with modern ABAP, JavaScript language and programming models like RAP and CAP. Framework implementations, technical leadership and SAP programming educations as part of the job.

Attila BerencsiSAP Software Developer Expert


Hybrid Testing in CAP using environment variables

Hybrid testing in CAP contect means You want to execute your application code inside Your development environment like BAS or VSCode using BTP Cloud Foundry resources. This is a very common activity as CAP developer. You develop a feature making a code change what You want to test before deploying it to the corresponding BTP […]


Fill BAPI extension structure or extract

This topic is not related to a brand new technology, but provides a convenient, safe and transparent way to fill in BAPI extension structures. BAPIs are the functional APIs of SAP exposed to the outside world via RFC protocol. They are technically function modules marked as available remotely. Extension structures are provided by SAP to […]