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Strong technical experience gained in SAP development in last 15 years. Object oriented approach with modern ABAP language and programming models. Frameworks implementations, technical leadership and SAP programming educations as part of the job.


ABAP (Cloud), ABAP OO, CDS, RAP, BOPF, SADL, BRF+, Performance Tuning

UI5 / Fiori

Freestyle, Fiori Elements, Extensions, Adaptations, Business Application Studio, VSCode, WebIDE


Manual, Business Entity based



Education, Code Quality

Development Guidelines, Developer Educations, ABAP Test Cockpit, Code Reviews


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ABAP Where-used List not working

Sometimes You have to recognize, that a where-used list for a given repository object, like constant interfac members, messages or data elements etc. are not working, but You are sure, there must some results. SAP has dedicated index tables for that cross-references, which might not be up to date for whatever reason. Upgrades or broken jobs, which are automatically scheduled after installation at certain events, like accessing the object navigator at first time. They are very time-consuming jobs.

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Fiori Tools, NodeJS, certificate issues, self-signed

Generating applications using the templates wizard in VSCode

A system connection to onPremise ABAP system may not be established, caused by self-signed certificate of backend System/OData service. This is the case with developer edition of ABAP Systems, or connecting sandbox systems.

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Setup Local Dev Environment for Fiori/UI5 Development on Windows 10

Considerations / Remarks
  • Done on Fresh Win 10 installation, nothing installed on the system so far
  • I need templates for application generation and Source Code Management like Git
  • VSCode unfortunately provides no support for Adaptation project and WYSIWYG layout editor by Fiori Toolkit, like Business Application Studio(BAS) does. This time no additional feature of BAS is required, I just want to use it for greenfield Fiori development. If you want to do adaptations, you have to go for BAS (decision point) – 16.07.2021
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ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

Salvation after 5+ years and variety of technological marriages, ABAP RAP is here finally. Fiori and WebAPI development can take a deep breath. This post is about common and uncommon snippets for ABAP RAP. This post is updated on regular manner.

ABAP Restful Application Programming Model
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Validating User Input in UI5 / Fiori

If you ever worked with SAP GUI, you know the strong built-in capability which validates user input format based on the underlying Domain settings (DOMA) embedded into the Data Elemenet behind the user input field. Everything is automatic, comes out-of-the box.

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Disable caching in Data Provider Class, HTTP Header fields

You want to disable caching at the client side. For example the web browser of the end user will not store the server response data You collected and sent back in Your Data Provider class. After project generation in SEGW transaction, the DPC_EXT class is ready to implement the method redefinitions to build responses for the client(get_entity,get_entityset etc.).

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