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I am a developer seeking good projects where profession matters :). Check my blog here for reference.

Application Development: New generation apps, greenfield and brownfield developments. Application analysis, and replacement with Fiori Launchpad compatible solutions. Software Design: Solving complex problems with clean and maintainable solutions. I design not only the software components, but provide You interactive Mockups under first steps. Experience: Strong technical experience gained in SAP development in last 15 years. Object oriented approach with modern ABAP language and programming models. Framework implementations, technical leadership and SAP programming educations as part of the job.

Attila BerencsiSAP Software Developer Expert


Command Line Commands for SAP Development

NPM NPM install package globally NPM install package locally (in your project) NPM install local packages found in the package.json file in the same folder where You issue NPM check outdated Local packages Open terminal in the folder where the package.json file is located. To see which packages are outdated issue command NPM update outdated […]


Debug Invoice Print Program

The first thing You need is to identify the printing program. To do that, You need to start transaction NACE. In case of Invoices we need to go to V3 – Billing related Output types You will find the program / subroutine invoked by the system when the printing of the Invoice is requested under […]