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CAP, Node.js, Workzone, HANA, ABAP Cloud


ABAP OO, CDS, RAP, BOPF, SADL, BRF+, Performance Tuning. FPM: Manual, Business Entity based

UI5 / Fiori

Freestyle, Fiori Elements, Extensions, Adaptations, Business Application Studio, VSCode, WebIDE

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Application Development: New generation apps, greenfield and brownfield developments. Application analysis, and replacement with Fiori Launchpad compatible solutions. Software Design: Solving complex problems with clean and maintainable solutions. I design not only the software components, but provide You interactive Mockups under first steps. Experience: Strong technical experience gained in SAP development in last 2 decades. Object oriented approach with modern ABAP, JavaScript language and programming models like RAP and CAP. Framework implementations, technical leadership and SAP programming educations as part of the job.

Attila BerencsiSAP Software Developer Expert


Custom Business Configuration

Motivation You want an SM30 like maintenance view on BTP. To control the behaviour of the business process You implemented on BTP or S/4HANA Cloud Public ABAP Environment (Steampunk/Embedded Steampunk), You need to expose a customizing as a developer to the functional people. This is all a natural and a primary demand of an SAP […]


Locking in ABAP on BTP

The most important thing here is to know the factory class cl_abap_lock_object_factory, which creates You an instance of the lock implementing the interface if_abap_lock_object, just provide the Lock Object name. Use method enqueue/dequeue to lock the required record(s) providing a name-value pair table passing the field names and the corresponding value. In case invalid parameters […]


CAP Queries

This article is about providing some samples for CAP Queries, and the context to execute them. Let me mention a small comparison to querying in ABAP at the beginning. Working with Open SQL and with ABAP SQL for decades was very convenient in ABAP. I cannot tell the same for CAP now. While in ABAP […]