Attila Berencsi

Attila Berencsi


Attila is a SAP certified full-stack developer experienced in UI5/Fiori, CAP, ABAP, Floorplan Manager, WebDynpro, GUI and BSP implementations. Gained practical experience in S/4HANA, ECC, AM, GRC, TM, SRM, HCM and CRM applications. He is working full-time with ABAP/Fiori/CAP since 2006/2014/2022, tracking the evolution of information technology. Believes, that continuous learning, understanding and usage of latest SAP software and languages keeps the profession value. Experienced with ABAP Developer Tools (Eclipse), SAP WebIDE Fullstack, Business Application Studio, VSCode, SAP Business Technology (Cloud) Platform Cockpit / Connector and Cloud Foundry DevOps basics. Besides his architectural and programming models knowledge, Attila has several years of experience as a lead developer and software architect.





Outdated knowledge: SCM, SPP, CRM and FS-PM.

Nowadays EWM and TM in S/4HANA are coming back as integrated part of the delivery. Fun to meet my 17 years old standard SAP code in S4 and extend them :).

Non-SAP, but related experience:

  • SoapUI
  • REST Clients: Postman, TalendAPI Tester
  • Former NotePad++ ABAP language updates
Practicing and having fun
  • Arduino C/C++ programming

My favorite SAP Press books