Help developers to find CDS annotation examples, especially when this error message appears in ADT: Text search services are not supported, because it is not available / not configured in the backend.

I created it to help my students to find samples and for myself when dealing with the many possible annotations listed on the SAP Help Site, which explain all the properties of them. Unfortunately samples for them are split across the multiple developer guides of the corresponding frameworks. Why not to see a real use case right in the system ?!


  • Search for CDS header / field / parameter annotations
  • Type ahead value help for annotations existing in the system within CDS Entities
  • Opens ADT, when running embedded, otherwise shows Data Definition in a popup


Run report ZSAPDEV_CDS_FIND_ANNO in ADT / SE38 / SA38 / SE80 and start typing to find an annotation you’re looking for.

kep-1024x609 Find Annotation Examples in CDS Views

Execute (F8), then select a CDS Entity and press the Show CDS button.

kep-1 Find Annotation Examples in CDS Views

In case You executed it in ADT, it will open a new Tab, otherwise the Data Definition Source code will be displayed in a  popup window.

kep-2 Find Annotation Examples in CDS Views

CDS Opened in ADT

kep-3-1024x315 Find Annotation Examples in CDS Views

CDS Opened in GUI


Install this repository using ABAPGit online / offline


You will find here a more interactive demo as well.

Tested on ABAP Platform 1909.

I wish You a joyful CDS and Fiori Development !

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