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ABAP and CI/CD ? – Part 1 – Tools for Developers

Yes, We – developers – are end users in the context of transport management. We use variety of transactions on the surface, like ADT, SE80, SE09, STMS etc. to push our changes to test and production systems. We not developed that transactions, which manage changes variety of object types in the ABAP,BSP repository, DDIC etc, and their transport.

This post is part of the ABAP CI/CD blog series

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ABAP and CI/CD ? – Part 0 – What is this about

Transport requests, right ? Spending decades with Transport Organizer (SE09…) and import queues (STMS), standard extensions to prevent release with special magic logic. Pretty familiar for all of us. Companies with development guidelines, include variety of rules, what should be the proper description for a transport request. Hunting the right request based on the name. Using external tools to administer business requirements and map corresponding requests. Developers put references in the source code based on predefined rules.

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Get name of months in ABAP

Nothing tricky here, function module MONTH_NAMES_GET is available for that purpose

  month_names TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t247.  

   month_names = month_names
   month_names_not_found = 1
   OTHERS = 2.

 IF sy-subrc <> 0.

Reading BRF+ Decision Table into ABAP

The below snippet helps you to read BRF+ decision tables into ABAP, where only I EQ LOW range or direct value assignment is specified in a particular BRF+ table cell (everything other is ignored).

To get the BRF+ table content into ABAP:

  • obtain the BRF+ table GUID from the BRF+ Workbench and pass it as i_id
  • define a structure/table type in DDIC or a type locally in ABAP, which has the identical component names (and possibly the same types) as the BRF+ table columns to use as e_table parameter
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