Fill BAPI extension structure or extract

This topic is not related to a brand new technology, but provides a convenient, safe and transparent way to fill in BAPI extension structures. BAPIs are the functional APIs of SAP exposed to the outside world via RFC protocol. They are technically function modules marked as available remotely. Extension structures are provided by SAP to […]


Authorization Group Tool

About This tool support exploration and management of authorization groups. The Problem A recurring task is to create SM30 maintenance views in onPremise SAP systems on top of customizing tables to enable configuration of processes. When You generate a maintenance dialog, You can choose an authorization group to protect recording data to the table/view through […]


ABAP and CI/CD ? – Part 0 – What is this about

Transport requests, right ? Spending decades with Transport Organizer (SE09…) and import queues (STMS), standard extensions to prevent release with special magic logic. Pretty familiar for all of us. Companies with development guidelines, include variety of rules, what should be the proper description for a transport request. Hunting the right request based on the name. […]