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CDS and BOPF Admin Data (create/change user and time) Determination using Annotations

Using the SAP Netweaver Innovation Package 7.51 sp1 you can implement new data models easily with CDS including full CRUD support, where change operations are managed by the BOPF framework. The BOPF Object is generated based on the Object Model annotations you put in the CDS View at activation.

This solution using SADL shows a BOPF adoptation/consumption, but also demonstrates how-to create your own consumer / framework asking SADL for CDS entity metainformation (Annotations). You have no more boundaries, your only blocker is your own creativity 🙂

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Domain Fixed Values as CDS Value Help in S/4HANA

“Fiori Elements” is a great opportunity for rapid application development for simple scenarios. In lot of cases ABAP developers maintain domain fixed values to have a drop-down list automatically generated by one of the UI technologies like GUI and WebDynpro. Domain fixed value often represent a Status or something like that, where we can say the values are static. In case of OData services and UI5 such control is not generated automatically, but you need to put annotations in your CDS View to make this working. We’ll use CDS Views in the below snippets, to retrive domain low fixed values and their description. The approach below is not the only one, which can lead to the same result. At the end the Object Page template in Fiori Elements ( or your app importing annotation file) will consider the annotations and display a proper value help.

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