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Write / Create UI5 Console Log

Introduction The below demo provides You code samples to write a console log using the UI5 Log API, which can be turned on/off on demand when using UI5 applications. Developing a framework for UI5 can benefit from switchable logs, especially at the initial phase, or during troubleshooting. The demand and purpose can of course vary […]


Team Time Fiori Map

Problem Joining a large multi location team can be tricky, because you have to know what time is it at Your colleagues location. One hand during communication with Your colleagues or scheduling a meeting a fast insight can be really helpful, other hand if You are not challenged enough professionally, then You turn to fun […]


Configure number of items loaded by aggregation binding within XML Views

XML Views represent the layout much better than JS Views in UI5. By default, lists etc. load a restricted number of items through aggregation binding. You can extend this without programming within XML Views. It requires configuration of the binding with the length parameter. This will set the $top option in the underlying OData query.