Generating applications using the templates wizard in VSCode

A system connection to onPremise ABAP system may not be established, caused by self-signed certificate of backend System/OData service. This is the case with developer edition of ABAP Systems, or connecting sandbox systems.

Try to export/import certificate (with Base64 Encoding) as first solution for a single system, and restart windows:

If you need to ignore such validation for all backend systems:

npm config set strict-ssl=false


Running your application

This issue may come up again in VSCode / browser console in this format, and application is broken, due no data can be fetched from backend system / OData, caused by certificate issue

kep-5 Fiori Tools, NodeJS, certificate issues, self-signed

For that change the ignoreCertError parameter to true in ui5.yaml of your project

kep-6 Fiori Tools, NodeJS, certificate issues, self-signed

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