Sometimes You have to recognize, that a where-used list for a given repository object, like constant interfac members, messages or data elements etc. are not working, but You are sure, there must some results. SAP has dedicated index tables for that cross-references, which might not be up to date for whatever reason. Upgrades or broken jobs, which are automatically scheduled after installation at certain events, like accessing the object navigator at first time. They are very time-consuming jobs.

You have two tools two fix the wehere-used list problem. One is intended for objects in customer namespace (Z or Y objects) another one for standard objects. As mentioned, rebuilding the index table content is a very time-consuming operation. Consider it may run for a day for customer objects, and might more days or a week for SAP standard objects. Schedule twe below reports in background (due no selection screen is provided), to fix the wehere-used list issue with no results:

  • SAPRSEUC for customer objects
kep-1 ABAP Where-used List not working
Customer Where-Used List Index Refresh
  • SAPRSEUB for standard objects
kep-2 ABAP Where-used List not working
Where-used list refresh for SAP standard objects

In case the execution is broken, because of system restart etc., the tools should continue from the last point the processing stopped.

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