for Freestyle Apps and manual SEGW service implementation

Fiori applications can retrieve texts and translations both from the backend system and from i18n resource bundle files of the application. However might happen, that these changes do not become immediately active, when users relaunch the applicaion.

i18n texts & translations

By default there is only one file within the 18n folder of your project. This is the default translation file, and used every time, when no corresponding translations found for the client language. To create a new translation for a given language, copy the file and add underscore and the code of the language. So if you want to have german translations, then the new file new will be After translate the texts in this file.

If the changes became not visible immediately after the application is relaunched, you can do the following, so that the client retrieve the up to date sources:

  • wipe the HTTP plugin cache in transaction SMICM
  • wipe client browser cache

It should be enough.

Backend texts in ABAP

  1. Translate Data Element medium label (at least), this is used by the gateway to deliver text to frontend
  2. Translate Domain fixed values
  3. Translate Message Texts
  4. Generate Language transport in SLXT
  5. Reset translation buffers:
    •  Run report RSLANG20 for your language with force mode
    •  Perform transaction /$CUA
    •  Perform transaction /$DYN
  6. Cleanup metadata cache in backend with transaction /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP
  7. Cleanup metadata cache in Gateway Hub with transaction /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP

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