This is a crime against the Fiori developer community . Stealing our time, really ?

Using Fiori Elements List report template combined with OData v2 SAP backend services, the Value Helps are not shown in 2024. Why ? We have an ABAP CDS value help definition annotations/metadata, which then properly arrives as value-list annotation in the browser but the Fiori templates are not rendering value helps?
After tears and extensive research the following setting can be observed in the manifest.json descriptor file of the generated Fiori app.

"metadataUrlParams": { 
  "sap-value-list": "none"

Why in the hack would someone ignore by default value helps from a Fiori project when generating it based on an ABAP UI service ? This is still not removed after 4 years by SAP from the generator templates! Remove this by Yourself from the manifest.json and see the miracle

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