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Custom Business Configuration

Motivation You want an SM30 like maintenance view on BTP. To control the behaviour of the business process You implemented on BTP or S/4HANA Cloud Public ABAP Environment (Steampunk/Embedded Steampunk), You need to expose a customizing as a developer to the functional people. This is all a natural and a primary demand of an SAP […]


Hybrid Testing in CAP using environment variables

Hybrid testing in CAP contect means You want to execute your application code inside Your development environment like BAS or VSCode using BTP Cloud Foundry resources. This is a very common activity as CAP developer. You develop a feature making a code change what You want to test before deploying it to the corresponding BTP […]


Command Line Commands for SAP Development

NPM NPM install package globally (system-wide) NPM install package locally and add as devDependency (in your project) into the package.json file NPM install packages found in the package.json file locally in the same folder where You issue NPM install a package and add to package.json under dependencies NPM check outdated Local packages Open terminal in […]