How-to save and share memory data in UI5

When you want to save some variables at the client side, without using an OData Model connected to the backend, you can do it using a model of type JSON in your controller. Like you define objects using JSON, you can have a nested hierarchy. It’s possible to set defaults of any type, and reference UI5 runtime variables.

// JSON Data Model to save and share variables
this._oModel = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel({
	editMode: false,
	displayMode: true,
	isDesktop: sap.ui.Device.system.desktop,
	isNoDesktop: !sap.ui.Device.system.desktop,
	shopCartId: "",
	defaultItem: [],
	attachmentBindingPath: "",
	user: {
		title: "",
		fullName: "",
		id: ""
	countries: []

You can make the model available across the application in all controllers/views done in Component.js giving any name like “app”: this.setModel(this._oModel, "app");

After making it available across the application, you can reference it within XML Views, to bind control properties like enabled, to the model property,

The property value can be changed:
this._oModel.setProperty("/editMode", true);
or read
var bEditMode = this._oModel.getProperty("/editMode");
See the API reference of JSON Model for more.