Get employee ID

DATA(employee_api) = cl_hcmfab_employee_api=>get_instance( ).
DATA(pernr) = employee_api->get_employeenumber_from_user( ). "Scenario, where one user has 1 employment (1 employee ID assigned)
"To retrieve employee IDs for multiple employment
DATA(pernrs) = employee_api->get_assignments( pernr ).

Get employee name

cl_hcm_employee_api=>get_instance( )->get_employeename(
    iv_pernr      = pernr "Employee ID
    iv_begda      = sy-datum
    iv_endda      = co_doomsday "99991231
    iv_auth_check = abap_false

Get employee photo URL

CALL METHOD cl_hcm_photo_api=>get_employee_photo
     iv_pernr = pernr "Employee ID
     ev_photo_url = DATA(url)
     ev_mime_type = DATA(mime_type)

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