I saw somewhere a github.io URL. I got curious, what is github.io ? This is actually an alias to GitHub Pages. So does it mean We can create web pages using GitHub already ? Yesss, we can 😎 . It is extremely simple! Checkout this quick start guide, which explains you in few simple steps, how to let GitHub host You a static webpage using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can upload files, create them manually or push the page sources to a GitHub repository, which is then served as a page. Why not to play a bit with UI5 and create a page with my Favorite URLs used during development ?

I created a simple page app – in VSCode using easy-ui5 yeoman generators – showing tiles and links, stored in a JSON file, and uploaded the build to GitHub. I wanted to see whether this is really so simple to make it working on GitHub?

kep-1024x416 Favorites Sandbox on UI5 GitHub Pages

I approached it creating a GitHub repository and pushed/uploaded the sources of the dist folder ( after successful build in VSCode with the build:uimodule npm script ) into the repository. Your page URL consists of your GitHub name as subdomain on github.io + your repository ID. So the favorites page is available at https://attilaberencsi.github.io/favorites/ .

If you want to configure a custom Favorite site for Yourself, simply clone this repo: https://github.com/attilaberencsi/favorites and adjust the model/favorites.json file accordingly (in your own GitHub repo ).

If you want to get out more from the favorites page, here are the sources for cloning: https://github.com/attilaberencsi/favorites_src.git .

Now I can confirm, to host simple pages on GitHub is extremely easy.

Have Fun !

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