Month: June 2024

Load data automatically in Fiori List Report

Using the Fiori List Report template of SAP in Business Application Studio contains no setting to automatically load data into the table. Users need to explicitly press the Go button so that the list is populated. In case You want to fill the table automatically, please add the following annotations to the manifest.json of the […]


Fiori Elements Value Help not shown

This is a crime against the Fiori developer community . Stealing our time, really ? Using Fiori Elements List report template combined with OData v2 SAP backend services, the Value Helps are not shown in 2024. Why ? We have an ABAP CDS value help definition annotations/metadata, which then properly arrives as value-list annotation in […]


Using i18n text in ABAP CDS

Doing CAP projects You have usually the i18n files in the same service project. In ABAP we have no such, only transaction SE63 to translate text annotations of CDS Metadata Extensions (MDE). The possibility is however given to do this outside ABAP CDS, this means You can refer i18n properties placed in the frontend UI5/Fiori […]